Who Am I

The world is a hectic place. LeanELicious is about embracing those challenges and living life completely. It is about going beyond making people ‘well’. It is about making people stronger, happier, better versions of themselves. People who work better with others, people who are more understanding of others and people who contribute to society in a healthy way.

In today’s society we are faced with many demands
– we are told we must eat organic, we must eat high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, dairy, non-dairy, soy free, sugar free….the list goes on. Then we are told we need to lift weights, run up hills, meditate, stretch, do yoga…the other list goes on.
If that is not confusing enough, we end up in the ever-changing workplace…and are then expected to be productive and manage our stressed selves in a socially accepted way.

My name is Electra and I am the founder of LeanElicious.
Apart from being a self-confessed foodie, my biggest passion is health and well-being.
I have completed degrees in Exercise Science and Human Movement as well as Psychology (Honours) and am currently completing my Masters in Psychology (Industrial/Organisational).
What does this actually mean?
I have acquired expertise on many topics relating to health, nutrition and workplace psychology.
I am working towards becoming a qualified Organisational Psychologist.
What is an organisational Psychologist you may ask?
People who work further along the spectrum of just health. They don’t ‘cure’ bodies or minds, they help make people inherently stronger, more resilient, more passionate and more engaged through a wide range of awareness techniques and coping strategies AND it is all scientifically backed.
No airy fairy nonsense!

To work with Electra or receive coaching she is contactable by email at: leanelicious@live.com

To learn more about Electra check out her guest post on OneHungryMami’s Blog:


Disclaimer: Electra has acquired a wide range of knowledge through her journey so far, but you should note that she is not an expert and should you have any problems, her words of wisdom should be taken as advice only, and you should seek advice from a Doctor or other field expert.


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