Dis-ease, Dis-comfort, Dis-tress = Detox Time

Dis-ease, dis-comfort, dis-stressed, dys-functional, dis-heartening, dis-belief, dis-appointment, dis-couraging

 Is anyone else feeling well and truly ‘dissed’ lately?

 That moment when life gives you lemons…well unfortunately making lemonade is not always an option.

Life handed me lemons lately, not the ones I want to squeeze into a cup of warm water first thing in the morning, but in the form of bad news.  

 A terrible health diagnosis. 

Last week my Dad started treatment for an aggressive form of cancer. 

He has had surgery to remove a suspicious tumour and now he has had 5 bouts of radiotherapy aimed at his tonsils & glands, and one bout of chemotherapy, all crammed into one week.  The last 2 months have been pretty catastrophic for him after he was diagnosed with a rare and irreversible neurological disease (Multiple System Atrophy – which is basically a faster progressing version of Parkinson’s disease) and then more recently he has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. 

 All I can say is, I hope some luck starts coming his way very soon.

I have always been proactive when it comes to health and try to treat my body in the best way I know how.  This includes investing a lot of my spare time researching health and holistic nutrition.  I don’t understand why health information is not readily available to the public!

Anyway back to where I was going, I have helped my dad tackle this difficult situation the only way I know how – through a super healthy diet and gentle detox which ironically made the cancer affected area swell and be brought to our attention in the first place (Cancer cells don’t like healthy oxygenated blood!). 

 Since my dads neurological disease diagnosis 2 months ago, my dad has been doing things I never thought I would see – he wakes up and has a superfood smoothie, drinks alkaline filtered water, aloe vera juice, probiotic drinks, gets acupuncture and tea from a Chinese herbalist, sees a wonderful myotherapist and chiropractor, drinks vegetable juices etc etc AND he has given up bread, alcohol, deli foods, pasta (did I mention he is Italian?!?), white sugar, processed foods and greatly limited his dairy intake.  His vice is a coffee and some dark chocolate or organic ice cream.  As much as I would like to pry the dairy laden spoon away from his lips, he has made extreme progress and I am learning to just take it one step at a time. I am so proud of him and the changes he has made, none of it has been easy.

While my family has a big journey ahead of us (which I will keep you all updated about), I think it is important to acknowledge that we all face challenges and no matter how big or small, a challenge is there to be conquered – it is not an end point.

As a provisional psychologist myself, it would be silly to overlook the amount of mental preparation required when facing an extreme challenge (or even a small one).  My biggest advice is to get back to basics.  Focus on planning but keep it simple!  If you are looking to detox you don’t have to go crazy and invest in expensive herbal concoctions or a $2000 juicer.  Get back to eating organic fruits and vegetables – and as many as you can in their raw form! Salads, smoothies, juices, lettuce wraps, lightly steamed…just make sure you don’t cook these foods as they lose most of their nutritional value.

 This leads me to share with you the recipe for my detox salad.  This baby is amazing.  When I am trying to get back to basics I have a juice/smoothie for breakfast and for snacks, then more fruit, and this salad for lunch/dinner.  If I am super hungry I’ll have some raw activated nuts as a snack.  If you do this for even 1-2 days you will notice your skin will start glowing, you will feel incredible on the inside and re-energised!Image


My Super Detox Salad

INGREDIENTS (use as much organic produce as you can):
– 1C organic sprouted wild rice**(see preparation below) or 2 C cooked quinoa
– 1 large organic beetroot grated
– 2 medium carrots grated
– 3 stalks of celery diced
– 4 kale leaves removed from stems and sliced into strips
– 1 handful of snowpeas sliced 
– 1 handful of parsley leaves
– ¼ C goji berries
– ¼ C hemp seeds
– ½ C sauerkraut
– juice of one large lemon
– 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (raw)
– 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil



Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.  Serve in lettuce wraps, stuffing for baked potato, wrap in nori and eat like sushi or add extra greens and enjoy as a salad.

NOTE: Sprouted wild rice can be easy!! Add 1 cup of wild rice to a bowl with 3 cups of filtered water.  Allow to soak for 3 days and change the water twice a day (morning and night is best).  The rice will soften but still have a chewy texture which is perfect for this salad!



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