How to be a Smooth Negotiator

I refined my negotiation skills when I went to Bali at the age of 10 years old.  My dad being in Real Estate thought it was the ideal opportunity to see if I could get the cheapest hair braids and fake watch going around.  Needless to say I still have that Minnie Mouse watch in a box as a reminder of my ability to get the most out of what I have to offer.

As I have grown up I have had to negotiate deadlines, work contracts, which kale or spinach to buy at the farmers market and even the sale of a property.

Negotiation skills are one of the most important skills we can have.  It’s all about being assertive – getting what you want without being aggressive.

Here are my top tips to negotiate your way and close a good deal:

  1. My golden rule – make it clear what you want.  This doesn’t mean ‘I want that Barbie and I will only pay $20 for it’.  It means ‘I want that Barbie’.
  2. Listen, this is imperative. A lot of negotiators fail to shut up.  This is the ultimate fail.  How frustrated do you get when you want to say something and someone won’t be quiet? You get frustrated, you get your back up and you are ready to go to war.  In order to get the most out of your opponent you need to keep them calm and rational, and talk them around to your way of thinking.
  3. Do your homework.  Go into the negotiations knowing what is on the table or could be on the table.  Example: when negotiating the sale of a home people usually think price and settlement term are it.  But you could negotiate early access (and start your reno prior to settlement without paying a mortgage) or even that furniture be included in the sale.  If you are going for a job, negotiate holiday leave, hours, pay, a parking space or even an assistant.  Make sure you understand the situation of where the other side is coming from and don’t be afraid to give them what they want if it means you getting a better deal.  It is not black and white.
  4. Be prepared to walk away.  If you’re not you might appear desperate.  This why the best thing I did in Bali – the little Balinese women would chase me down the street and beg to plait my hair for what I was offering.  Walking away may also give them time to walk away and realise when a good deal is on the table.
  5. Aim high.  You need to leave some room to negotiate with, so start high (like you would is negotiating with a Chinaman) so it appears you too are making compromises.
  6. Don’t give anything away without getting anything in return.  A good sentence is ‘well if you want … you must be willing to compromise and give me ….’.
  7. Have a persuasive argument.  Don’t just focus on what you get, tell them what they are getting.  “If I come to work for you, you will be getting a workaholic who is willing to go above and beyond and put in more effort to make your organisation successful.  I will bring a fresh perspective and vibrant personality into your team and I win return would like to be able to park my car in a car space so that I can focus on my job 110% rather than focusing on the pending parking ticket”.
  8. Don’t take anything personally.  Personality clashes are one of the central factors resulting in a poorly negotiated deal.  Focus on solving the problem at hand.

Creating a smooth deal requires thought and good execution.

My well thought out smoothie recipes only take a minute to whip up because they are truly well thought out – minimal ingredients for maximum taste.


Truly Passionate

-1 C frozen raspberries
-Pulp of 2 passionfruits
-1/2C cashews soaked for at least 20 minutes
-1/2 a large frozen banana (in chunks)
-Coconut water (to desired consistency.


Hydration Plus
-2 C fresh watermelon chunks
-Juice of 1 lime
1/2C coconut water


Beating the Blues
-1 C frozen blueberries
-1 small frozen banana (in chunks)
-2 tablespoons of coconut yoghurt
-1 C water


Sunshine Smoothie
-Half a frozen mango (in chunks)
-1C fresh pineapple chunks
-1/2C fresh orange juice
-1/2C crushed ice


Wake up call (Banoffee)
-1 shot of espresso
-1 small frozen banana (in chunks)
-1/2C almond or rice milk
-1/2C crushed ice
* add protein powder, maca powder or even cacao powder (to make like chocolate)


Choc-ana Heaven
-2 frozen bananas (in chunks)
-1 medjool date (pit removed)
-2 tablespoons of coconut yogurt
-2 teaspoons of raw cacao
-1 teaspoon of vanilla protein powder
-1/3C water
**eat with a spoon – top with shredded coconut and cacao nibs


Green Smoothie

-4 kales leaves (stems removed)
-1 handful spinach
-2 frozen bananas
-1/2C coconut water/nut milk
-1 teaspoon maca powder
-1 teaspoon protein powder
-1 teaspoon green superfood powder


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