Curbing Your Habits

Are Habits Good or Bad?

“I just have to try & not eat the Cheezels & Chocolate when I get home” – quote from my boyfriend after he declared he is resuming his journey to rediscover his six pack which has been slowly disappearing since Easter (sad story right!)
I gave him a big earful about putting cheap petrol in your new car…you just don’t do it! And tonight he got home and didn’t go near the junk food teasing him from the kitchen bench.

By analysing our habits from a different perspective we are able to see if they are really good or bad. Most people think of habits as being negative but really they can be helpful. Example: I have a habit of procrastinating (or should I say procrasta’baking’) when I’m meant to be studying…but I’m convinced it’s a positive habit because I end up spending my time in the kitchen creating healthy meals so I’m not tempted to venture off my health and wellness path!
Workplace habits are much the same. They can be positive or negative. Lets be honest. If you have a tendency to be a workaholic I don’t think your boss will complain – unless you’re working harder than him/her and making them look bad.

Work habits everyone secretly loves:

1. When you bring food or drinks to be shared at morning tea
2. When you have the accessible secret stationary stash (feeding that stationary addiction is ok in my books!)
3. Your habit to be punctual & prepared
4. Your habit to chuck a mint in your mouth & floss your teeth (in the bathroom only) – no one likes poor hygiene

Bad work habits

1. Missing deadlines – view these as non-negotiable parts of your job, schedule them in & work to it. (Tip: I always ‘pretend’ things are due the day before just incase)
2. Surfing the net-you might not know it but most managers can track your usage (and yes they can see you checking your facebook on your mobile). Use this as a reward-5mins for every 2 hours hard work.
3. Bringing leftover curry for lunch (or any other strong scented food you proceed to reheat in the microwave)-be considerate, no one wants to smell your lunch 3 hours later, no matter good it was
4. Feeding that 3.30-itis chocolate craving. You’re really just craving something sweet have some grapes or ‘healthy chocolate’ (To me this is Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter-get on it!- or some extra dark chocolate or a choc date ball)
5. Your habit to be easily pissed off by your annoying colleague – breathe and walk away, no one likes a work place bitch n brawl.

And now my recipe….

My healthy habit to share with you all – The Great Green Smoothie



1 big handful of spinach
4 kales leaves (stalks removed)
Any other neutral greens you want (silverbeet, cos lettuce etc)
2 Frozen Bananas (or 1 banana and half a mango)
1/2C coconut water or nut milk
1 tsp maca powder (I use Loving Earth)
1 tsp super greens powder (I use macro greens)
1 tbs protein powder (I use pea protein)

Blend and enjoy immediately!

Tip: I am blessed to have a Vitamix but with my old Breville i would first put in the water/milk and greens, blend for 20 seconds then add the rest of the ingredients and blend again (this ensures a smooth consistency).
Tip 2: Freezing your fruit makes this smoothie super thick and creamy (delish!).  Peel your banana, cut into chunks, pop in a ziplock bag and freeze before they go brown.


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