Embracing the Diverse

I am so happy that the three missing women in Cleveland, America were found.  What really astonished me though was the fact that it was so well hidden for so long.  I mean I wonder what my neighbour is getting up to in their backyard….

Anyway, my boyfriend showed me the YouTube video of the interview with the neighbour who discovered the women and found the “po-lice”, what a character this man was.

Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBYwZAGFQn8

I had a few unexpected good laughs but over the past 24 hours he has really got me thinking about something he said “I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl comes running into a black mans arms, something is wrong here, deaaaaad giveaway”.

Multiculturalism and Diversity are two big issues facing Australian workplaces – and lets be honest, they have for years.  Multiculturalism can encompass a range of cultural, social, ethnic and economic differences; and businesses are learning to take full advantage of the range of skills and talents this changing work force is bringing to the table.  Multiculturalism can also bring diversity to the workplace.

As a foodie I can tell you I love to welcome different people into my kitchen to cook up a storm, I love different flavor combinations and the ideas they can bring.  However I know that how they feel about coming over might be a different story.

Australia is working on embracing multiculturalism and diversity and whilst people might feel these individuals are a threat to their community as they may be a source of change, think about how they might feel in a foreign environment.

Or think – where would we be without the Italian’s bringing over the coffee machines?!

Below are some top tips for being more inclusive in the workplace:

  •  Build your cultural awareness: Try and learn a bit more about other cultures and countries. I personally as a lot of questions, it is the best way to gain knowledge and lets people know you are genuinely interested in learning more about them.
  • Respect: This is where it all begins and is a central part of workplace multicultural awareness training.
  • Intercultural Communication: It’s no secret that different cultures communicate differently.  Just as you would talk to your boss in a different manner than you would your best mate, make sure you actively listen and communicate in a effective manner.
  • Don’t generalise: Treat everyone as an individual.
  • Implement your cultural knowledge: If you have discovered some useful information about a culture that is represented in your multicultural team put it to the test. It is only by putting these things into action that you will come to see the benefits and learn more.
  • Relay your knowledge: Work with colleagues in your multicultural team to relay knowledge to one another. E.g. If you learn that there is an important cultural holiday coming up for an important client, make sure you wish them well and if it is one of your employees, offer them the day off.  It will show that you care.


My Raw Pad Thai Recipe (Serves 2)

– Using my cultural awareness and knowledge of food I have created a deliciously healthy raw pad thai.  I took it with me for lunch today and put the dressing on at the last minute.  I also made extra dressing to have with some rice paper rolls tomorrow. Don’t skip the mushrooms, they are an incredible addition.


–       1 cup of finely shredded purple cabbage
–       Half a red capsicum sliced
–       1 carrot peeled into strips (like noodles)
–       1 zucchini julienned or peeled into strips
–       1 handful of baby spinach
–       1 handful of mung bean shoots
–       1 handful of snow peas sliced
–       A sprinkle of snow pea sprouts
–       A bunch of spring onions sliced
–       1 serving of marinated mushrooms (see recipe below)
–       1 serving cashew sauce (see below)


-Prepare all vegetables
– Throw together with marinated mushrooms and cashew sauce.
-Top with lime wedges and coriander to serve

Marinated mushrooms (Inspired by ‘My New Roots’ Blog)
–       6 button mushrooms sliced
–       2 tbs tamari (wheat free soy sauce)
–       1 tbs olive oil
–       1 tbs maple syrup

Method: Rub mushrooms with marinade and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight (best)

Cashew Sauce (Inspired by ‘My New Roots’ Blog)
–       ½ cup natural cashews soaked for 1 hour
–       1 inch of ginger root
–       1 clove garlic
–       1 tsp maple syrup
–       1 tsp ground tumeric
–       5 coriander seeds
–       1 tbs tamari (wheat free soy sauce)
–       1 tbs olive oil
–       juice of 1 lime
Method: Blend all ingredients in a blender or similar processor with a strong blade. Add a bit of water as needed to reach desired consistency.


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